Align10 specializes in construction support services

Our Construction Support Services is a one-stop shop for architects, building owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, panel fabricators/manufacturers, and installers. With a wide range of services, we can support you throughout the project life cycle. We are a multi service design and drafting firm specializing in exterior cladding

10 Ways We Can help


Align10 assists customer’s engineering departments with setting drawing standards and templates, creating technical details for different façade system and materials.

Construction take-offs

Align10 specializes in façade material take-offs for every size construction projects. Digital architectural drawings are required for our take off services, and we provide customers with highlighted scopes on architectural drawings along with a detailed list of items through locations and sketches.

2D Shop Drawings

Align10 specializes in shop drawings for exterior and interior cladding materials. Our shop drawings are fully customized to our customer needs, templates, and has an accurate representation of product for fabrication & installation. We deliver drawings in PDF format & AutoCAD format.

Shop Drawing coordination with other trades

Align10 shop drawing coordination involves overlaying measurements and layouts of multiple materials while identifying installation requirements of each and assuring all custom fabrication drawings from the separate manufacturers fit together.

Application of 3D Building Scans

3D laser scanning accurately captures the existing conditions of a building. Align10 can take the point cloud data from the 3D scan and apply it to the shop drawings for that project, which are then used for panel fabrication.

Bill of materials Take-offs

Align10 Bill of materials are summary documents indicating total quantities needed, and product specifications for all materials needed for procurement, fabrication, and installation.

3D Modeling & Shop Drawings

Algn10 offers Revit based 3D modeling and shop drawings for exterior cladding materials. We provide customers with a 3D model and shop drawings in PDF format.

Application of 2D Field Dimensions

Align10 takes the field dimensions written on plans, elevation, sections, photos of the building and applies them on shop drawings to represent accurate field conditions. These drawings can be then used for panel fabrication and installation.

Custom Metal panel Fabrication Drawings

Align10 designs Fabrication drawings that are required for exterior cladding materials. Fabrication drawings by us provide exact dimensional and finishing instructions for production.

Manufacturer Portal Order Entry

Align10 supports manufacturer portal entries for material ordering. We enter panel quantities, panel numbers and sketches on the manufacturer’s portal. Customers release the order for production upon review.